Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror

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Used By:

Border Patrol
Corporate and Government
Security Checkpoints
Theaters/Concert Halls
Automotive Industry
VIP Security
Transportation Industry Trucking, Transportation, and Automotive Industry
The transportation industry benefits by using inspection mirrors to look for damage to the undercarriage of trucks and other vehicles. Some inspection mirrors are mounted to an expandable pole, allowing easy roadside inspections of areas that would normally be impossible to see without the use of a ladder or vehicle lift. Hospitals, Theaters, and Schools. A number of security features and technologies are used in schools, hospitals, theaters, etc. But these businesses or organizations need to be aware of issues other than security, and under a vehicle, inspection mirrors can answer that need. Maintenance workers can use the mirrors to inspect under beds, chairs, furniture, and heavy or immobile equipment. The use of the mirrors allows for seeing into dark or tight spaces; even up high or around corners, where potential problems may be hidden.

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A mirror search for a vehicle used to:

See around corners for threats/hazards (tactical advantage)
Detect vehicle defects/damage • Identify and prevent of criminal activity
Locate hidden contraband (explosives/drugs) • Locate missing or lost items (tools, jewelry, etc)
Inspect gutters around the house • Locate trash/debris (theaters and other public places)
Locate needed repairs (hospital beds, heavy equipment, furniture)
Most Common Uses for Under Vehicle Inspection Mirrors Under vehicle inspection mirrors are an invaluable tool for security and law enforcement organizations. In these days of terrorist threats -both foreign and domestic-it’s easy to see the importance of having a versatile tool that aids in the detection of hidden security and safety threats. Most commonly, under vehicle inspection mirrors are used by border patrol agents, military, and police. In these organizations, the mirrors are used for conducting visual inspections of a vehicle’s exterior and undercarriage for contraband or other evidence of criminal activity such as drugs, explosives, human trafficking, etc. Security Pro carries a variety of inspection mirrors that can be deployed in limitless environments. Because the mirrors are versatile, lightweight, portable, and ergonomically correct, they are a vital instrument for many professions.



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